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7 Most Popular B2B Home Decor Trends in 2023

B2B Home Decor Trends

With the pandemic dwindling and economic growth returning to its stable stature, 2023 has witnessed many changes at home and in the outside world. Home decor trends not only reflect the aesthetics of homeowners but also give an insight into the personal choices of the homeowners. A revival of bold, bright, and inspiring home interiors has gained momentum. Also, homeowners have found a renewed interest in sustainable and organic home decor products. A shift in customers’ choices and preferences led to the transformation of B2B home decor trends in 2023. Although none of these trends are completely new, the passion for building healthy and natural spaces has restored the demand for certain home decor styles. Thus, in 2023, these styles will elevate any home beyond the ordinary and offer a touch of extraordinariness. 

1. Raw Materials Will Rule 

The larger trend of using raw materials has led to using marble, natural stones, and wood in home decor products in their original, dynamic, and vibrant texture. Although the popularity of organic materials and shapes had existed in the past, this trend goes beyond that, celebrating hyper-textural patterns with more interest in high-contrast and high-pattern grains. Our home decor products based on the theme, Calming Coastals, attempt to emphasize natural materials in their raw texture, like shells, natural stones, and recycled wood, to manufacture unique home products for wholesale purposes. 

2. Sustainability Is Going To Stay

One of the top B2B trends 2023 for home decor, which is going to stay and win the hearts of the end customers, is sustainability. The demand for sustainability has increased not only the application  of eco-friendly materials such as bamboo, natural fibers, recycled wood, and fabric but also renewed interest in creating sustainable home gardens using pots and planters. Be it small succulents or huge potted plants, a touch of green can elevate people’s living room, bedroom, or even office space. The focus of B2B home decor brands has shifted towards developing responsible product design with durability and recyclability.

3. A Return to Retro 

One of the emerging B2B home decorating trends that the industry is supremely excited about, like always, is that the old is new again, with everything vintage and antique returning to its revived aura. This year’s hottest trend will surely be vintage home décor items like mirrors, lanterns, candle holders, wall accents, and planters, especially with the popularity of used furniture growing. Consider carved cabinetry, striped upholstery, and distressed furniture. Besides home decor products, the past is also making a comeback through the color palette, with neutral and warm shades, like brown, yellow, beige, and ivory, used to assemble any space. 

The items chosen for our Retro Revival theme are the ideal way to add a touch of nostalgia to any room. 

4. Cherish The Contemporary Minimalism 

People are looking to simplify their lives and reduce clutter, and this trend reflects that desire. Simple, clean lines and a neutral color palette are popular features of minimalist home decor. Also, contemporary minimalism is witnessing more layering of streamlined sculptural silhouettes. The designs embody elegance and refined taste, offering people a cozy, comfortable, and decluttered home. Less is more, as in such a setting, the free flow of movement and natural light fill the space with positive energy. This contemporary style has been influenced by several art movements such as Wabi Sabi, Ikigai, Eastern Feng Shui and Japandi etc. 

Get a sneak peak of exclusive home decor products from our Wabi Sabi and Mindful Minimalism collection to purchase the best contemporary wholesale home decor for retailers. 

5. A Transfer to Handcarved Textures 

Similar to the continued interest in sustainability, the highlight on handmade and handcrafted artisan goods indicates an inclination towards 2023 interior design trends with global impact. Handcrafted textures are the key element to celebrate the delicate craftsmanship of the artisan community. Sustainable citing materials like clay, ceramic and paper mache is being ultilized to render shape to this kind of home decor products. Also, these materials and products are affordable, lightweight and does not include heavy energy consumption. Hence, handcrafted textures have started finding its place in decor products like think vases, mirror frames, and table lamps, etc. 

6. Bringing the Beauty of Boho 

The boho chic trend is more about gathering and layering items over time than hoarding them mindlessly. The style still includes many plants, macrame, wooden furnishings, cane furniture, etc., but their use fulfills a deliberate purpose in the home furnishing. According to Forbes 2023 research, it will be one of the environmentally friendly design trends that aim to express individuality. This style will produce a tranquil setting full of amusing tales and enjoyable moments. 

Check out products from our Boho Brasserie theme to enhance the boho decor collection of your brand or retail store. 

7. Comeback of Bold Colour Combos 

B2B home decor trends for 2023 favour organic tones as well as striking hues. While neutral colors are still popular, bold and bright colors are making a comeback. Colors like mustard yellow, deep blues, and vibrant greens are being used to add a pop of color to a room and create a statement. Expect the unexpected since the most stimulating spaces include unusual color combinations. 

Our theme Blues & Teals defines this emerging trend of bold color combinations in its products. 


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