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Celebrating Independence Day in the United States with Indian Handicrafts

In today’s world where large-scale production often outshines uniqueness, the appeal of handmade items continues to grow. Handcrafted products bring a special allure and personal connection that has found a significant place in American homes and hearts, especially during celebratory times. This blog explores how Indian handicrafts have become an essential part of American celebrations, the admiration and value people hold for these crafts, and how Taglier, a prominent B2B luxury home decor manufacturing company, is bridging Indian artisans with American buyers.

The Significance of Indian Handicrafts in America

Indian handcrafted items have established a strong presence in the American market by captivating buyers with their rich cultural heritage, distinctive designs, and sustainable practices. Here are the reasons that emphasize the importance of Indian handicrafts in America:

1. Cultural Connection: Indian handicrafts offer a special cultural link, enabling American buyers to explore and appreciate India’s rich heritage and traditions. This cultural exchange promotes a better understanding and appreciation of global diversity.

2. Artisan Support: Buying Indian handicrafts helps sustain skilled artisans and their communities, preserving traditional crafts and providing sustainable livelihoods. This economic support contributes to the well-being of many families across India.

3. Sustainability: Indian handicrafts are often made using environmentally friendly materials and sustainable practices, aligning with the increasing preference for eco-conscious products in the U.S. market. Businesses are increasingly attracted to items with a minimal ecological footprint.

4. Unique and Personalized: Each handcrafted item is unique, showcasing the personal touch and creativity of the artisan. This individuality appeals to American buyers who value personalized and one-of-a-kind products that stand out in a mass-produced world.

5. High Quality: Indian artisans are renowned for their meticulous attention to detail and high-quality craftsmanship. The durability and aesthetic appeal of these products makes them a preferred choice for discerning buyers seeking long-lasting, beautiful items.

6. Cultural Stories: Each piece of Indian handicraft carries a story, often linked to traditional myths, legends, or historical events. These stories add depth and meaning to the products, enriching the brand’s consumer experience and connection to the item.

7. Home Decor: Indian handicrafts, such as textiles, pottery, and metalwork, add a touch of elegance and exotic flair to home decor. These items are not just functional but also serve as conversation starters and focal points in interior design.

8. Heritage Preservation: By purchasing Indian handicrafts, American businesses contribute to the preservation of age-old crafting techniques and cultural heritage. This support ensures that traditional skills are passed down through generations.

9. Economic Impact: The demand for Indian handicrafts has a significant economic impact, contributing to the export revenue of India and strengthening trade relations between India and the United States. This economic exchange benefits both countries, fostering mutual growth and development.

A brief overview at Handicraft Exports 2023–24

The Indian handicraft industry has shown resilience and growth despite global economic challenges. The year 2023–24 has witnessed significant expansion in the sector, indicating a rising global demand for these unique and culturally rich products.

Even in the face of worldwide economic uncertainties, the Indian handicrafts sector exhibited strong performance in 2023–24. The sector’s ability to adapt to changing market conditions, innovative design approaches, and the dedication of skilled artisans contributed to its resilience.

Key Highlights of Export Data

India continues to be a major exporter of handicrafts, holding a prominent position globally in both volume and value. Here are some noteworthy statistics highlighting the sector’s performance:

  • $3.5 Billion is the total value of Indian handicraft exports between April 2023 and February 2024, signifying a substantial increase from previous years. This data from the Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts (EPCH) emphasizes the sector’s growing importance in the global market.
  • India shares 40% of the world’s handmade carpet exports, maintaining its leadership position in this unique market. Handmade carpets continue to be highly sought-after Indian handicrafts globally.

United States: A Major Consumer of Indian Handicrafts

The United States remains the top destination for Indian handicrafts, accounting for a substantial portion of the exports. In 2023, around 40% of Indian handicraft exports were directed to the U.S. market. American consumers’ appreciation for unique, handcrafted items drives this demand, making the U.S. a critical market for Indian artisans. 

The market for home decor wholesale is particularly thriving, with a significant portion dedicated to handcrafted items. Businesses and consumers alike are turning to wholesale home decor vendors for unique products that stand out in the marketplace.

$1.5 Billion is the estimated value of Indian handicraft exports to the United States in 2023–24, as reported by USA Import Data. This figure highlights the deep-rooted preference for Indian craftsmanship among American buyers.

45% of American households own at least one handcrafted item from India, according to the Handmade in America Report by the American Craft Council. This widespread ownership underscores the cultural and aesthetic appeal of Indian handicrafts in American homes.

The numbers show that more and more American shoppers are loving Indian craftsmanship. This means there’s a big opportunity for businesses to work together and sell luxury homeware. People want unique, handcrafted products and the demand for fancy home decorations will keep going up.

Companies like Taglier are prepared to meet this growing demand. They can offer top-notch, handmade home decor items, which will help Indian artisans connect with American buyers.

Top Indian Handicrafts in Demand in the U.S. Market

Based on the export data, here are some of the decor handicraft products exported from India to the USA:

  • Metalware and Brass Handicrafts: Indian artisans showcase exceptional skill in metalwork with items like figurines, utensils, and decorative pieces. These products are appreciated for their aesthetic appeal and cultural significance.
  • Wooden Handicrafts: India’s rich woodworking traditions are reflected in wooden furniture, sculptures, and decor pieces that are often carved with precision and adorned with intricate motifs. These items are highly sought after in the U.S. market for their beauty and craftsmanship.
  • Pottery and Ceramics: From Jaipur’s blue pottery to West Bengal’s terracotta works, Indian pottery adds authenticity to homes. Dinnerware and decorative items like vases and sculptures combine functionality with artistry.

Indian Handicrafts in American Festivities

American families enjoy enhancing their homes and gifts with special touches during festivals and celebrations. Indian handicrafts have become cherished additions to various American festivities because of their unique appeal and cultural significance.

Thanksgiving is all about gratitude, family gatherings, and sharing. To add an exotic yet homely touch to Thanksgiving dinners, Indian textiles like handwoven table runners and placemats are popular choices. Additionally, handcrafted pottery and metalwork serve as exquisite centerpieces and serving dishes, making the celebration even more special.

During the Christmas season, when giving unique and thoughtful gifts is a tradition, there is a surge in the demand for Indian jewelry, intricate ornaments, and beautifully crafted decor items. Indian hand-painted Christmas baubles and wooden nativity scenes are also sought after, adding a global flair to holiday decorations.

4th of July, Celebrating US Independence with Handicrafts

Independence Day, the 4th of July, is a time for Americans to come together with family and friends to honor their country. Adding a special touch to the festivities, Indian handicrafts bring color and beauty to the celebration.

  • Party Ambiance: Exquisite lanterns and candle holders from India add warmth and charm to evening celebrations. The craftsmanship of these items brings a unique flair to the decor, making the event truly memorable.
  • Gifts and Keepsakes: Indian handicrafts like handcrafted jewelry, pottery, and decorative pieces are thoughtful choices for Independence Day gifts. Valued for their cultural significance and individuality, these items are sure to be appreciated.

Taglier bridging cultures through rich craftsmanship

At Taglier, we see craftsmanship as more than just making things; it’s about preserving and promoting Indian heritage globally, especially in the American market. As a luxury home decor manufacturing company based in India, we specialize in creating beautiful pieces that combine traditional art with modern design.

Our mission is to give Indian artisans a global platform to showcase their skills and creativity. We believe that craftsmanship can bring people together through a shared love for art, culture, and sustainability. Each of our products tells a story not only of skilled workmanship but also of the cultural heritage woven into every detail.

Quality and sustainability are essential to everything we do. We use eco-friendly materials and ethical practices to ensure that our products not only enhance living spaces but also have a positive impact on the environment. We aim to make a lasting impression on our customers and the communities we work with by promoting sustainable practices.

Our collaboration with artisans throughout India, from villages to cities, helps preserve traditional techniques while embracing modern innovation. This collaboration provides fair wages, safe working conditions, and opportunities for skill development, sustaining livelihoods, and preserving cultural heritage for future generations.

We offer a diverse range of luxury home decor products, each designed to embody elegance, functionality, and cultural richness. From intricately manufactured ceramic vases to contemporary metalwork, our collections reflect a harmonious blend of timeless tradition and contemporary aesthetics.

In addition to creating beautiful products, we are dedicated to building connections within our community of artisans, designers, and clients. We engage in initiatives that promote cultural exchange, education, and collaboration, fostering a global network of individuals who share a passion for art and craftsmanship. Through storytelling and sharing the journey of each artisan, we aim to deepen the connection between creators and consumers, fostering mutual respect and appreciation.

In the coming years, Taglier plans to expand its presence in the global market and further its mission to showcase Indian craftsmanship on a larger scale. We want to create new partnerships, focus on innovative design and sustainability, and maintain our commitment to excellence in every aspect of our business. Our objective isn’t just to meet market demands but also to establish new benchmarks for craftsmanship and ethical business practices in the luxury home decor industry.


The journey of Indian craftsmanship to American celebrations shows a beautiful cultural exchange. Indian handicrafts, known for their detailed artistry and deep cultural roots, have become beloved in American homes and festivities. From Thanksgiving dinners decorated with handwoven textiles and ornate pottery to Christmas celebrations adorned with intricate jewelry and wooden carvings, these crafts not only add to the decor but also connect people to India’s rich heritage.

Taglier, a leading B2B luxury home decor manufacturer, plays a key role in this story by connecting continents and cultures. Through partnerships with skilled artisans and a focus on quality and sustainability, Taglier presents the timeless beauty of Indian craftsmanship to a global audience. Each product shares a story of craftsmanship, sustainability, and cultural richness, inviting consumers to appreciate the beauty of handmade treasures.

As we celebrate the spirit of independence on the 4th of July, embracing Indian handicrafts reflects the values of freedom, diversity, and cultural appreciation. It’s a chance to honor traditions, support artisans, and enrich our lives with the beauty and craftsmanship that transcend borders. Let’s continue to cherish and celebrate the artistry of Indian handicrafts, ensuring that their legacy lives on for generations to come.

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